Want to test us out? Choose a sample pack of our finest industrial cutting and grinding products which includes:

  • 1 x 125m (5”) 40 grit flap disc
  • 1 x 125m (5”) 80 grit flap disc
  • 2 x 125mm x 1mm cutting disc
  • 1 x 125mm x 6.5mm grinding disc
  • 1x 125mm x 3mm flexible grinding disc
  • 1 x 125mm paint stripping disc

Read on to learn more about our abrasives range.


Our T29 shaped flap discs, angled at 10 degrees, can be used on both conical and flat surfaces. The angle provides greater surface contact and as a result, tends to be the most aggressive choice.

Our premium German Zirconia flap discs are second to none, built for heavy Australian fabrication. They perform exceptionally on steel and stainless steels, with less downtime and disc changes due to the industrial German Zirconia. For mild steel applications, start with 40 grit flap discs to quickly remove welds or surface imperfections. The self-sharpening grains and hard-edge shape of our flap discs deliver fast material removal and first-rate cleaning properties, making them perfect for stainless steel materials. Our flap discs are no comparison to standard (non German) Zirconia or brown aluminum oxide discs, proven to outlast the excessive heat generated from stainless steel grinding.


Amos Industries has produced many versions of a 1mm cutting disc, but our newest version will surprise even the hardest critics. Premium sharpness and durability have ensured us a reputation for producing a true industrial cutting disc, tested on the hardest of Australian steel – including Hard Ox 450 where over a meter was cut, and only 10mm of the disc was used! Focus on our customers’ needs has seen our company produce a cutting disc that rivals our global competitors, but at only a fraction of the price. With long life, multiple material applications, price, limited disc change and attention to detail, it’s no wonder our cutting discs are the chosen disc to serve some of the country’s largest engineering, fabrication, trucking and auto industries.


Our grinding discs can be used on medium to high powered 125mm (5”) angle grinders and perform even under high heat and constant pressure. The premium abrasive formula provides high stability and burr removal regardless of the material on which its’ being used. Grind steel, rebar, welds, rust removal whilst remaining smooth and hard is what makes our grinding discs a standout. Our discs offer maximum heat dispersion and durability due to a ceramic composite additive, and we have increased the performance to 6.5mm, from standard 6mm, to offer greater longevity and value for money.


The flexible nature of these discs offers the user greater mobility when using materials that require a pliable continuous motion. Our flex grind discs are fast becoming the most popular of all grinding discs due to their light weight and 36 grit composite material, offering longevity.


Our paint stripping discs are called “Blue Jak” after founder, Jack Amos. Strip back that boat, caravan, trailer, car – or any materials around the house for that matter! We only produce premium abrasives for these discs; Jack would never put his name to anything less. Selling on average 200 per week, these discs take the paint off without scuffing the metal. One customer said they took back an entire trailer with one disc! Try for yourself – we’ve no doubt you’ll be impressed with our Blue Jaks.