Our SDS range is manufactured from high torque steel and include either an SDS plus or SDS max shank. Our 6 x 160mm, 8 x 210mm, 10 x 210mm and 12 x 210mm SDS masonry bits are available in cross and straight tip cuts, and are sold individually or in packs of 5 or 10. Our 14 x 210mm, 16 x 210mm, 6 x 450mm, 14 x 400mm and 12 x 450mm are available in a cross tip cut and are sold individually. Our SDS max cross tip range includes a 14 x 340mm, 16 x 340mm, 18 x 340mm and 20 x 340mm.


Additional information

SDS Masonry Size

4mm, 5.5 x 160mm, 6mm, 10 x 210mm, 12 x 210mm, 12 x 450mm, 14 x 210mm, 14 x 340mm, 14 x 400mm, 16 x 210mm, 16 x 340mm, 18 x 340mm, 20 x 340mm, 5 x 160mm, 6 x 160mm, 6 x 400mm, 6 x 450mm, 6.5 x 160mm, 8 x 210mm

SDS Tip Cut

Masonry Straight Shank, Cross, SDS Max Cross Tip, Straight