Our SDS range is manufactured from high torque steel and include either an SDS plus or SDS max shank.



SDS masonry bits, also commonly referred to as hammer drill bits, are used for drilling hard materials. SDS refers to how the shank sits in the hammer drill, known as the Slotted Drive System or Slotted Drive Shaft. SDS masonry bits are primarily used for drilling holes into concrete, brick or block to install concrete fasteners and for installation of wiring or plumbing.

While bulkier than standard drill bits, their purpose is to get quicker results with less effort by preparing the material to be bored using a ‘hammer’ motion. Our SDS range is manufactured from high torque steel able to withstand high temperatures when drilling hard materials such as reinforced concrete. Their carbide tip makes them hard-wearing and resistant to extreme loads, and the reinforced flutes are designed to remove chips at a maximum rate. The carbide tip also prevents wandering and ensures an accurate hole every time.

Our masonry bits are designed for concrete drilling, and though not recommended for steel reo drilling work, can also be used for drilling in granite, tiles, marble, stone and masonry.


With a 130° point angle, our range includes an SDS plus and SDS max shank. The SDS plus is designed to fit most electric hammer drills on the market. The SDS max shank is designed to fit SDS max chucks [large industrial hammer drills].


Specific sizing available in both a cross and straight tip cut. Cross tip cuts are generally faster and have extra carbide cutting properties. Straight tips are a standard masonry bit which can be used in hammer drills with a standard chuck.

Both cross and straight tip bits ensure low vibration, making them excellent for cordless hammer drills.

Our SDS masonry bits are sold individually and range from 5mm to 20mm, with lengths of 160mm, 210mm, 340mm, 400mm and 450mm.

Additional information

SDS Masonry Size

4mm, 5.5 x 160mm, 6mm, 10 x 210mm, 12 x 210mm, 12 x 450mm, 14 x 210mm, 14 x 340mm, 14 x 400mm, 16 x 210mm, 16 x 340mm, 18 x 340mm, 20 x 340mm, 5 x 160mm, 6 x 160mm, 6 x 400mm, 6 x 450mm, 6.5 x 160mm, 8 x 210mm

SDS Tip Cut

Masonry Straight Shank, Cross, SDS Max Cross Tip, Straight