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Our carbide burrs are made from quality K20 with high wear resistance, manufactured by our precision CNC machines. They are suitable for deburring, edge breaking, cleaning and surface preparation while welding. The double cut type allows for rapid stock removal in hardened materials. The addition of the left hand flutes reduces the pulling action, improves control and reduces the size of chips. They can be used at lower speeds to get extra fine finishing, and are used for alloy steel, stainless steel and other metals. Dimensions displayed refer to, in millimetres, the Head diameter, Head length, Shank diameter and Total length.

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6 X 10 X 6 X 55 MM, 8 X 13 X 6 X 58 MM, 10 X 16 X 6 X 61 MM, 12 X 20 X 6 X 65 MM